Financial metrics at-a-glance with the power of BrightGauge and Xero.

Your 24/7 Accountant

Profits and losses don’t wait around for you to take notice - money is going to flow in and out of your business anyway. So why analyze your finances only at the end of the month? With BrightGauge and Xero, get a snapshot of your financial situation anytime you’d like. Run your business with confidence, knowing you’ve got a full picture of what’s going on.

Real-Time Dashboards

Financial health doesn’t tell you everything about a business, but it sure says a whole lot. Gain visibility into your company's health and monitor your cash position in real-time with BrightGauge dashboards. With just one click, quickly understand your revenue, your past-due invoices, your stock quantity, and how your projects are tracking against budgets. Valuable insights help you make important decisions.

Client Reporting

Dealing with money is a sensitive matter so transparency is key. Build trust with your clients by sending regular reports detailing important finances. BrightGauge makes it easy to set up a report once and automate it to go out on the date and time you choose.

Default Xero Gauges

We’ve compiled the top KPIs and metrics used by other clients to bring you 42 pre-built Xero gauges. They’re automatically available as soon as you open a BrightGauge account and they sync every 5 minutes to 4 hours, so your data is always fresh.

What is Xero?

Staying on top of finances is part of any business owner’s job. If you’re not profiting, you’re not succeeding, and having a clear view of all your financial metrics is a smart way to stay ahead of the game. Take matters into your own hands. Here are just some ways Xero helps you do that: 

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