Follow from lead to first contract through to the final invoice. Track tasks, project status, budgets, contract information, and more when BrightGauge meets Accelo.

Insight through the entire customer lifecycle

Everything you need to manage sales, customer relationships and billing now visualized through BrightGauge Dashboards and Reports.

Real-Time Dashboards

Work with the power of your Accelo data or combine it with multiple datasources to create custom dashboards. Your Accelo integration comes with 5 default dashboards, picking up the slack for where your activity could use more in-depth analytics.

Report Templates

No need to wait until the end of the week to bring your team up-to-speed on the latest updates. Customize and send reports any time of the day or week. Your data will sync up to 10 minutes before a report is set to go out.

Default Accelo Gauges

Get started with 87 pre-built Accelo gauges, automatically available as soon as you open a BrightGauge account.

What is Accelo?

Put your sales and project management in sync with your clients with the transparency of BrightGauge and the power of Accelo, ServOps software for all professional service businesses. Accelo helps you get more for your project-driven business:

Connect your data

Most popular integrations to combine with Accelo

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