We love data and our customers love data, but data is just a part of the story when looking at a data-driven lifestyle.  From the data, we need to gather insights because insights make us aware of what areas of our business we need to better manage and focus on.

Here are a few insights your Service Manager can glean from the right metrics showing the right data...


How busy is my team?

Tickets by Week gauge

This trending line graph allows you to visually determine whether your team is experiencing a spike in volume or whether activity is within your normal range.  By having this metric handy you can quickly and easily make changes to your team and staff up as necessary.


How busy are each of my team members?

Tickets opened last month by week

With a simple scan of our bar chart of “Currently Open Tickets by Member” you can quickly see at a glance how busy each team member is.  More importantly, you also see how busy they are in relation to one another which gives you an opportunity to move work from one member to another.


How efficient are my team members?

tickets solved last month by member

With a bar graph similar to Currently Open Tickets by Member, this gauge shows which of your team members are closing the most tickets.  If a team member is following behind others it might signal a coaching opportunity is needed or perhaps they need to be better trained.

While the fast-paced world of MSPs revolve around so much data, make sure that you’re focusing first on the metrics that will make the biggest impact for your business. To learn more about how to identify the ‘right’ metrics that will ensure your success, download our free whitepaper.


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