Data-Driven Decision-Making, is trending in the business world. Organizations of every type, from school districts to banks, are implementing data-driven decision making to help increase efficiency. While data-driven decision making can help any business, it comes with its own set of challenges. Here are four common pitfalls in data-driven decision-making and how to avoid or overcome them in your business.

  1. Disparate Data Sources: Data comes in many forms, and not all of it looks the same. One team may have data stored in a remote monitoring and management (RMM) application, while another team has customer data in a PSA, and a different team has custom data stored in CSV files. To overcome the problem of disparate data sources, choose a data analysis tool that can import and organize data regardless of the source.
  2. Unclean Data: Your data analysis is only as good as your data. In many cases, unclean data comes from data entry errors, so occasionally audit your records to ensure they are high-quality. Additionally, make sure each variable you record is separate from other variables, and each record is uniquely identifiable - this is not a place you can take shortcuts!
  3. Poor Visualization: Do you know what your data actually looks like? Visualization is vital to using your data effectively. Free your data from the confines of spreadsheets and turn it into graphs, reports, and dashboards that your employees can use. Even better, allow your employees to create visualizations themselves for on-demand data analysis.
  4. Lack of Training: Data-driven decision-making is part of a company culture. In order for everyone involved in decision-making to get on board with data-driven decision making, they need to know how to use the data effectively and easily. Make sure to train your employees on using any software involved in your data-driven decision making process.

Some of these pitfalls simply require care and forethought, while others require the right tool for the job. Be sure to carefully select the tools you use for your data-driven decision-making.  If you need help with jumping into data-driven decision making, BrightGauge can help you take data from anywhere, visualize it on-demand, and train your employees on how to use it.

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