In roughly 10 years, Datto has grown from being one of many names in a sea of backup solution providers to one of the headlining names of the IT Services industry. We recently invited Datto’s VP of Business Development, Rob Rae, to join us for a conversation on achieving incredible growth in a commoditized industry. The insights Rob shared carried the conversation from brand messaging to customer education, partnering with the right solution providers, common themes in the ITSP industry, and more.


Achieving Incredible Growth in a Commoditized Industry: Episode Highlights

  • Rob’s introduction and background (0:48)
  • How Datto has accomplished incredible growth in a short time, in a commoditized industry (6:31)
    • Networking continuity and the acquisition of Open Mesh networking technologies (11:33)
    • How is Datto’s messaging changing with the addition of cloud, appliances, and more? (14:14)
  • The “sweet spot”, or typical solution provider partnering with Datto (18:18)
    • When MSPs come to Datto, is it because they need to solve a problem for an end user, or because Datto is a brand focused on education? (23:01)
    • Why ransomware solutions have been a significant win for Datto (24:29)
  • How do MSPs make money with Datto? (27:48)
  • Simple fixes for improving business: a common theme among the community (33:34)
  • Datto’s trajectory and focus for the next 6-12-18 months (38:52)
  • Q&A: Best business book, favorite personal improvement resource, parting advice for MSPs, how to reach Rob (42:41)


Books as referenced by Rob:


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