Making a total transition from traditional break/fix operations into a pure MSP model is a feat that many Service Providers struggle to complete. That’s why we asked Kevin Studley, President & CEO of The Network Pro, to share the highlights of implementing such a large operational change.In addition to changing his service model, Kevin joined a peer group, invested heavily in the Traction operating system, and built a strong sales team to help increase business each year. Listen in for the full conversation on Kevin’s journey.



The Results of Adopting a Business Operating System: Episode Highlights

  • Kevin’s introduction and background (0:55)
    • The evolution from traditional break/fix Service Provider to pure-play MSP model (1:35)
    • Areas of focus and a typical day as owner of The Network Pro (6:28)
  • Benefits of adopting the Traction operating system (7:28)
    • Best Practices for meeting format (8:39)
    • The benefits of adopting L10 meetings (9:43)
    • How to get an entire leadership team on board with adopting a new operating system (12:11)
  • How and why Kevin became a member of the TruMethods peer group (16:42)
    • The transformational experience as a peer group member (18:45)
    • The business of numbers: how can MSPs determine if they are a good fit for peer groups (19:45)
  • How Kevin is adding business every year through sales team structure (21:53)
    • How to transition closing power from business owner to sales team (23:56)
    • Talent acquisition: do you train salespeople from the ground up, or find and hire strong players? (27:56)
  • When it comes to being data driven, how do you use BrightGauge? (30:50)
    • Metrics to monitor, coaching opportunities, and more (31:43)
    • Correlating data between tickets, customers, and efficiency (33:28)
  • Rapid-fire Q&A: best business books, how to improve as business owner & executive, hobbies outside of the office, advice for MSP owners/execs, how to reach Kevin (37:03)


As referenced in the episode:

It’s Your Ship: Management Techniques from the Best Damn Ship in the Navy by Captain D. Michael Abrashoff

Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose by Tony Hsieh

TruMethods peer group




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