Customer silence isn’t always golden.” In our conversation with Lindsay Willott, co-Founder and CEO of Customer Thermometer, we take a closer look at what customer satisfaction really is, and why every company should be monitoring the metrics tied to it. After all, “just because customers are quiet, it’s not safe to assume they are happy.” From implementing customer surveys to the benefits of tracking customer satisfaction (CSAT), and tips on how to increase survey responses 10x, Lindsay unveils some of the most important things to know about finding value from a simple one-click survey.


Benefits of Customer Satisfaction Surveys: Episode Highlights

  • Lindsay’s introduction and background (0:56)
  • The story behind launching Customer Thermometer (4:36)
    • The types of companies who work with Customer Thermometer (6:32)
  • The main challenge with customer satisfaction surveys (8:58)
    • The evolution of the CSAT industry (11:29)
  • Where do customers find the most value with Customer Thermometer? (14:16)
  • How is the CSAT feedback used once collected? (17:06)
  • Achieving a 10x increase in survey engagement (23:05)
  • Highlighting areas of improvement/training for employees using CSAT (24:49)
  • The process from implementation to collecting surveys using Customer Thermometer (27:59)
  • Coming soon at Customer Thermometer (30:09)
  • Q&A: Best business book, resources for professional improvement, parting advice, how to reach Lindsay or get a free trial of Customer Thermometer (32:17)


As mentioned in the episode:

Book: The 4-Hour Workweek, by Timothy Ferriss

Book: Black Box Thinking, by Matthew Syed (find Lindsay’s book review here)

Customer Thermometer’s CSAT blog

The One-Page Plan (and other growth tools from Verne Harnish)

Case study: HiTech Computers interview on how they’ve integrated Customer Thermometer into ConnectWise and their business

How to cut your client attrition rate in half… in 2 months



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