We sat down with Richard Trivedi, Owner of CadreNet, to talk about his business evolution after being the IT industry for over 20 years. As one of the first customers to use the BrightGauge + Tigerpaw integration, Richard knows a thing or two about making a business more efficient, but also how to increase MRR at the same time.

How CadreNet Increased Operational Efficiency and Drove MRR with BrightGauge + Tigerpaw: Episode Highlights

  • Richard’s Introduction & background (0:52)
  • How CadreNet has found success with the majority of their work being remote (3:35)
  • A day in the life as Owner of CadreNet (pre and post-BrightGauge) (4:35)
    • How Richard became data-driven (6:39)
    • Getting the team to buy into data (7:48)
    • Manage to zero vs. watching numbers (9:15)
  • Results with Tigerpaw + BrightGauge (10:47)
    • The gauge that is key to Richard’s profitability by increasing MRR (11:09)
  • Executive Summary Reports for Clients (14:11)
  • Current priorities and focus for CadreNet (15:38)
    • Learning how to be a better business owner and service provider (16:47)
    • Focusing on a specific technology instead of a vertical (18:39)
  • Advice from someone in the IT business for over 20 years (19:22)
  • Parting thoughts and how to reach Richard (21:59)


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