As peer groups become more popular in the IT Services channel, we often get questions about what to expect and what will be accomplished by joining one. We were recently joined by Arlin Sorensen, Founder and CEO of HTG Peer Groups, to learn more about the mission and vision behind the organization.


After dispelling the idea that peer groups are only focused on how to drive more profit, Arlin explains the belief that is the cornerstone of HTG, “success in one area of life doesn’t really lead to true success and happiness.” He goes on to explain how a combination of leadership, legacy, life plan, and business plan help to achieve true success, lessons on how to drive up business valuations, and the importance of investing in your people.



Business, Leadership, Life & Legacy: Episode Highlights

  • Arlin’s intro and background (0:42)
  • Current trends in the MSP industry: cloud, IOT, security and more (4:13)
  • A closer look at the typical type of customers who work with HTG Peer Groups (7:38)
    • The most common challenge for MSPs is sales (11:29)
  • The 4 plans: HTG’s core beliefs of the components of true success (14:39)
  • Things people should consider to help drive up business valuations (22:11)
  • Helping leadership teams map out a strategy for the future with StratOp and personal planning with LifePlan (26:17)
  • Where is HTG headed in the next 12-18 months? (33:34)
  • Advice for MSPs about investing in your people and building a sales organization (35:50)
  • Q&A: best business book, favorite personal development resource, parting advice, and how to reach Arlin (39:13)


Best book as mentioned in the episode:
Great by Choice: Uncertainty, Chaos, and Luck - Why Some Thrive Despite Them All, by Jim Collins



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