Managed Service Providers have more data than just about any other business out there! So when it comes to tracking data points that will actually make a difference for your business, how do you know which metrics matter and which ones don’t?

“What can we do to give the best client experience?” is the thought process for the Nucleus Networks team, as we learned from Karl Fulljames, VP of Operations. As Karl goes on to explain, from day one the Nucleus team has focused on client experience so that they could grow by word of mouth. By working backward from the end goal of an awesome customer experience, Karl explains how the Nucleus team has mastered client experience by staying focused on hiring decisions, service team processes, ticketing procedures, and more.

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Focusing on Client Experience in Managed Services: Episode Highlights

  • Get to know Karl and Nucleus Networks (0:44)
    • Dividing the team into pods and what that means for tracking service trends (5:33)
  • Using a Coordinator (Dispatcher) to review and assign tickets and why Techs shouldn’t be put in this role (11:12)
  • Nucleus’ 2-step close process (14:53)
  • How did you choose the data points and parameters you track? (16:55)
  • Why Client Experience has been a critical component at Nucleus from the beginning (19:39)
    • What was the trigger point when you implemented a Coordinator? (22:39)
  • Hiring green and promoting within vs. hiring at higher levels (25:39)
    • What’s the typical customer for Nucleus Networks? (30:50)
  • The Nucleus onboarding process for new teammates (35:13)
  • Q&A: Favorite business book, parting advice for MSPs, how to get in touch with Karl (41:01)

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