[Case Study] Air-IT had been using another dashboard and reporting solution, lots of manual coding and “liberal doses” of Excel. They found that it was difficult to obtain accurate information and ensure information was based on the correct criteria. They also struggled to present the information to the team in a brief way and create reports that showed clients they were getting value for their money - without breaching confidentiality.

Air-IT Operations Manager, Simon Smith, knew that getting accurate information in a timely manner was necessary to streamline their process and identify areas with the potential for improvement. Transparency is very important to Air-IT and Simon realized that in order to move the business forward, he would need to find a way to obtain and present accurate information in a way that didn’t take ages to compile.

Adopting BrightGauge

Simon believes in giving things a try before making a decision, so he began with a number of BI tools. BrightGauge came out on top after a process of “survival of the fittest”. Another reason Simon chose BrightGauge was because the helpfulness and responsiveness of our team. Simon says “Great support makes a lot of difference when it comes to getting the most from a tool.”

Implementing BrightGauge and going through the onboarding process was “very easy” for Simon, and the number of gauges that were usable from the get go made it easy to get meaningful and accurate information. “If you know what you want to see, you can get started right away”, he adds.

AirIT on adopting BrightGauge

Simon also gives praise for BrightGauge’s support team, calling the support excellent, responsive and accurate. There hasn’t been a single issue yet that wasn’t completely resolved and he’s happy about the fact that he doesn’t have to wait weeks to get a response.

Data customization was incredibly easy for Air-IT with graphs, tables and counts that could be customized with a simple drag and drop. Using the prebuilt gauges and default datasets, Simon has been able to pull some unique information out without needing to be a SQL programming expert. It’s been incredibly productive for him.

why AirIT needed a data solution

Measurable Results

Armed with real time information, Air-IT was able to immediately put themselves ahead of their competitors by delivering higher levels of customer service and satisfaction while increasing their profitability. According to Simon, “The best thing of all is that we we’re able to measure the effectiveness of our strategy and know it worked for us and our clients: a win-win!” In one example, Air-IT monitored the categorization of reactive tickets, and they were able to identify the issues which were the source of the most support calls, leading to a standardized solution:

Air-IT_results using BrightGauge


The management team at Air-IT have demanding requirements for performance information, so the ability to create dashboards with incredible ease that also show information in real time, and showcase more than one type of graph in reports was a big deal for Simon. As he explains: “We can see where the business is at pretty much in real time – this is information that takes competitors days to work out, and most of the time they don’t bother.”

AirIT_staying ahead of the competition

Recommending BrightGauge

According to Simon, BrightGauge can be a game changer for both your operations and your strategy, but you’ve got to allow it to do that. It can be scary to put your real time numbers up for everyone to see, especially because those numbers are often sub par (when seeing them for the first time). Simon says that you’ve got to be honest with your team and yourself about the performance of the technical side of your business.

AirIT_favorite BrightGauge feature

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