Since getting their start back in 2007, Be Structured has sought growth while sticking to their original mission of providing unwavering customer service that builds noteworthy customer loyalty. Over time, their business model has continued to evolve.


Now, Be Structured serves hundreds of clients throughout the Los Angeles area and beyond. They seek to be your strategic partner and one-stop-shop for everything from fixing a printer to managing multi-million dollar capital budgets or very large projects.

We spoke with Chad Lauterbach, the CEO of Be Structured Technology Group, to see how they differentiate themselves from competitors and where BrightGauge's dashboards have changed the way they do business. 

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A BrightGauge customer since 2015, Be Structured signed up to see their Kaseya, AutoTask (now AEM), and QuickBooks data in an easy to digest, actionable format. They now use Autotask and Autotask Endpoint Management(AEM) to cover their sales and ticketing needs. 

Favorite Feature

Their go-to tool for keeping on top of all of their customer tickets and to motivate their team with the latest sales data: television dashboards.

Building custom widgets to meet their needs, Be Structured's custom KPIs are on display on TV’s throughout their office for all to see.

“BrightGauge has helped us with seeing our KPIs through fun, simple math and the real-time ticket data displayed on the 4 TVs we have around our office."



A little customer care goes a long way

Since acquiring a PSA and RMM over the last decade, Be Structured has come to take on more responsibilities than being a break/fix consulting shop. With most of their growth being organic and through word of mouth, they place a lot of emphasis in treating their employees and customers well. Being kind always pays off in the end. Not only does it build trust and loyalty, it allows you to not be “perfect”, make some mistakes, and work through them as a team. Be Structured also knows it's about understanding what their customers truly need. 

"We know what we can and can’t deliver and we know what will and won’t be a good fit for us and the client. I think that differentiates us because we care about the technology, the customers business, and how the two fit together. We don’t undersell or oversell the clients based on their needs."

"I meet too many MSP owners that are just business owners and sales people. They have an understanding of tech of course, but not down to the detail configuration level, which makes them incapable of actually engineering the right solution for the client. Often they just default to their technology stack or “their way” regardless of it is in the clients best interest… or if it will even work".

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