Customer Success is all about ensuring that customers achieve their desired outcome in the world of B2B products. It’s not a new term, but outside of the SaaS world, Customer Success doesn’t always garner the same buzz.

That’s where Peter Briden, MSP Peer Group Coach, comes in. After studying Customer Success in depth, and finding common threads between it and success patterns from his days as an MSP owner, Peter is spreading the word about how Customer Success applies to our industry. Join us for the full conversation...


Customer Success in Managed Services: Episode Highlights

  • Peter’s intro and background (0:52)
    • The Millionaire Next Door philosophy, and how it helped Peter change gears to work on business goals (2:54)
    • What’s the one thing you miss, and one thing you don’t miss, about being an MSP? (7:26)
  • What is Customer Success, and why do you advocate for it? (9:30)
    • In the business of recurring revenue, MSPs shouldn’t lose sight of the customer’s lifetime value while focusing on initial sales (14:59)
    • The two types of loyalty: attitudinal and behavioral (19:13)
  • How to deliver Customer Success (24:51)
    • The Strategic Coach: 4 Habits of Referability (30:03)
  • How MSPs can get started with Customer Success (32:31)
    • Attributes to help identify an ideal customer (35:12)
    • Reach out to Peter to get the free TruMethods tools + his favorite Customer Success Resources (39:15)
    • One last tip about the back office role in Customer Success (39:54)
  • Common challenges Peter sees from MSPs navigating the industry (43:09)
  • Q&A: favorite books and how to connect with Peter (48:15)


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