Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and Virtual Chief Information Officers (vCIOs) are responsible for establishing and maintaining the vision, strategy, and programs needed to ensure that a company's assets and IT systems are adequately supported and protected.
For MSPs, CIOs are their client's strategic technology advisors. They work directly with clients to help them budget for and manage their technology investments. With such a central role, the data needed to help guide clients properly will come from several areas within your PSA, such as sales opportunities, daily activities and tasks, the tickets you create for your team, and the tickets your clients create for you. With so much data scattered about, keeping organized and efficient can become a daunting task!
For the January Dashboard of the Month, we have featured a CIO Operations dashboard shared by Joe Somerville, the Chief Technology Officer at Network People. Network People is an MSP based in Clearwater, FL offering IT and Cyber Security services. With BrightGauge, they have used data to foster an open door communication style, creating a high-level of trust with their clients. As illustrated by their 5-star rating on google, they have been able to continuously provide top-notch service by powering their teams with data! 
In the CIO Operations dashboard, Joe pulls the most-needed data from all of the different areas of their PSA into a single pane of glass. This has allowed their CIO department to quickly manage their daily operation and seamlessly make data-informed decisions. This dashboard is also used for goal-setting and historical tracking of client-facing meetings to help them gauge the efficiency of their CIO/vCIO teams.


Check out the CIO Operations Dashboard - view here.

CIO Operations Dashboard_DOTM


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Want to see more of Network People's work? Joe has been featured in two BrightGauge user showcase webinars on Making Data-Driven Decisions and The Power of Dashboards in Managing Client Relationships & Team Performance. Make sure to check them both out for additional peer advice, team and individual dashboards, and quarterly business review examples.

Thanks again, Joe, for collaborating with us and for sharing some of the ways you and your teams have been able to use BrightGauge to drive data-informed decision making at Network People. 

Make sure to visit our library of more report and dashboard templates and please feel free to reach out to with any questions!


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