When it comes to providing exceptional customer service, it is oftentimes the small details that can win a customer over. Making an effort to take something just one step further can result in repeat business for a managed service provider (MSP), which is always the goal. 


Something as simple as providing customers with a quick way to get an overview of their account details can make a difference in the way an MSP and a customer do business with one another. And that simple account overview is exactly what we are presenting this month. 


The Client Account Overview dashboard is ideal for lower-touch customers or those customers who don't require detailed visibility into the service provided to them. Essentially, it contains basic MSP information for the customer.


Client Account Overview dashboard - view here

Sample Client Account Overview dashboard in BrightGauge


The Client Account Overview dashboard includes:

  • Useful information like contact details, how to open a ticket, where to pay bills, etc. 
  • Currently open tickets
  • Number of workstations and servers
  • A list of all services currently being paid for 
  • Modules to insert client logos, images, contextual information, and more 


This dashboard can truly be customized to include the exact information that would be most useful to an MSP's customer. At the end of the day, it's a way to add a professional touch to an MSP's relationship with their customer. 


To recreate this dashboard for your own customers, check out the links below:

Client Account Overview dashboard (public view link)

Client Account Overview Buildout Key


We'd love to see how you are using this dashboard with your own customers. Please feel free to reach out to with any questions you have!


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