In the fast-paced world of Managed Service Providers, understanding your customers is everything. Success depends on the ability to efficiently manage client relationships, deliver exceptional services, and keep a keen eye on financials. To help MSPs tackle these challenges head-on, the Customer Analysis Dashboard can be an invaluable asset.


For the October Dashboard of the Month, we have featured a Customer Analysis dashboard shared by Jeremey Martinson, an Account Manager at High Point Networks. High Point Technology is an MSP based in North Dakota offering services to all 50 states. They specialize in managing networks, data centers, phone systems, and endpoints, with a strong security focus across all things IT.


In this Customer Analysis Dashboard, Jeremey uses key metrics from different areas of their PSA into a single pane of glass. This allows them to identify their VIP customers' needs quickly and efficiently to deliver an exceptional experience.


Recreate this Dashboard in your BrightGauge Account: 

Customer Analysis Dashboard -  view here.

Customer Analysis Dashboard

Want to see more of High Point Network’s work? Jeremey has been featured in our September showcase webinar on Effective Dashboards for Enhancing Client Partnership and Efficiency. Make sure to check them both out for additional peer advice, team and individual dashboards, and quarterly business review examples. 

Thanks again, Jeremey, for collaborating with us and for sharing some of the ways you and your teams have been able to use BrightGauge to drive data-informed decision making at High Point Networks.  
Make sure to visit our library of more report and dashboard templates and please feel free to reach out to with any questions! 


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