This month, we are teaming up once again with Kevin Nincehelser, the Chief Operating Officer at Premier One


Back in August, Kevin shared the MSP Overview Dashboard he uses to share high-level KPIs and data with his executive team. 


Now, we are sharing the Financial Overview dashboard inspired by the August User Showcase Webinar: Building Key Financial Metrics that Impact your Bottom Line.


This dashboard is intended for the executive-level team. It highlights net and gross profit tracking, MRR, P&L Performance, and a 'turning point' gauge that shows when they've hit their breaking even point for the year.


Financial Overview Dashboard - view here 

Financial Overview dashboard for MSPs in BrightGauge
The Financial Overview Dashboard helps the executive team make data-driven decisions around:

  • Staffing
  • Cash-in-hand at any given time 
  • Gauging where income and expenses are coming from 
  • Understanding which business lines are most profitable 
  • Where investments should be made 
  • Shifting focus to areas that will improve the business 


The Premier One team also uses BrightGauge progress gauges to set and track goals and targets throughout the year. 


Kevin is co-host of the Tech Exec podcast, where he shares business insights and guidance for leaders in the technology space. We're always happy to hear what he has to say! 

If you want to recreate and customize this dashboard for your team, check out the links below:

Financial Overview Dashboard (public view link)

Financial Overview Dashboard Buildout Key


Make sure to visit our library of more report and dashboard templates and please feel free to reach out to with any questions!

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