This month's dashboard is all about the data you share with your executives. The MSP Overview dashboard is a typical board to share with your CEO or executive team in general. 


We were inspired by Kevin Nincehelser, VP of Managed Services at Premier One, an IT services company based in Kansas. With nearly 30 years of professional services under their belt, Kevin and the Premier One team are well-versed in the data points that a CEO of an MSP would take interest in. Because of how valuable the MSP Overview board has been, Kevin is happy to share his insights with other MSPs who may want to recreate it for their use. 


MSP Overview Dashboard - view here

BrightGauge sample dashboard


The MSP Overview dashboard gives a high-level view of the following important key performance indicators (KPIs):

  • Number of endpoints and users managed
  • Financial KPIs such as Profit Margin Percentage
  • Revenue and cost breakdown for different services (such as project vs cloud vs product)
  • Turning Point Gauge: shows when recurring revenue starts to exceed cost of goods sold and expenses
  • Average Response and Resolution Time trends over the last 6 months


This type of dashboard gives executives a quick, but thorough overview of KPIs that have an impact on the bottom line and can be used as a good jumping off point for aligning on future strategies and goals. 


To recreate these dashboards for your own teams, check out the links below:

Public view link - MSP Overview Dashboard

Buildout Key Instructions for MSP Overview Dashboard


Please feel free to reach out to with any questions you have!

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