A necessity for any service team is a regularly-occurring stand-up meeting where team members can review what's going on with support action items. Stand-ups answer questions like:


  • How many tickets do we currently have open?
  • What does our kill rate look like?
  • Are we responding to tickets quickly enough?
  • Is there anything that needs to be escalated? 


Being proactive about this type of information allows service team members to provide the best possible support to customers while running an efficient and productive service desk. 


So, how are you going about conducting your daily or weekly stand-ups?


This month, BrightGauge partner Paul Bischer, Director of Business Development at GRIT Technologies, shares his Service Team Huddle dashboard.


This dashboard provides an overview of the day's action items for the support team and is used to drive the agenda at daily team meetings by providing insight into open tickets, daily schedules, and any past due items. It also motivates daily conversation around performance metrics such as:

  • % Same-Day Resolution
  • Average Response Time
  • Average Resolution Time


Service Team Huddle dashboard - view here

Sample Service Team Huddle dashboard in BrightGauge

This is a really great way to keep your team huddles productive, on-agenda, and time-efficient, plus it gives your entire team visibility into what's going on in the service desk as a whole. Visibility can be a powerful motivator, especially during this era of remote work. 


To recreate this dashboard for your own team, check out the links below:

Service Team Huddle dashboard (public view link)

Service Team Huddle Buildout Key


Thank you, Paul for sharing your insights.


Please feel free to reach out to with any questions you have!

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