With setting a standard for team performance meets client satisfaction, SLAs (Service Level Agreements) are the best first stop.
For this month's dashboard of the month, we focused on highlighting this great action-forward help desk dashboard featured during November's User Showcase webinar with Daniel Gilbert, the COO at Kite Technology Group: Future-Proofing your Team with Goal Setting.

The Help Desk SLA Scorecard is all about SLA's and giving the Help Desk team a tool to properly manage them. Kite Technology uses this dashboard to help the team prioritize tickets based on SLA's. Also, Kite Technologies ties this dashboard back to their executive leadership goals, allowing them to drive accountability and properly measure their success as an organization

The Help Desk SLA Scorecard dashboard uses a simple and straight-forward design that is easy for the team to read and follow. They use color thresholds and a "manage to green" approach to help the team prioritize, and each section of the dashboard represents the different SLA stages. 

Help Desk SLA Scorecard dashboard - view here
Screen Recording 2021-11-22 at 09.05.22 AM
Dashboard details:
  • In play - The ticket is pending the coinciding SLA action and needs to be acted upon today in order to hit their goals.
  • Missed -  The ticket did not hit their SLA goal and are still pending the coinciding action item.
  • In the Goal - This provides some insight on how well they're doing overall with their SLA goals for the day. This section includes how many tickets and what percentage of tickets hit their SLA targets and what their averages are.


Thank you, Daniel, for being our partner and collaborating with us!


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