As a Service Desk Manager, how are you approaching your changes in support shifts from day-to-day? How does one shift manager loop the next shift manager in on all the important data they need to know in order to keep things running smoothly? 


We know this has been a topic of discussion amongst managed service providers (MSPs), so we worked with Chris St. Pierre, Managed Services Manager at Next Dimension Inc., to learn more. 


In talking with other MSPs, Chris discovered that most companies just sent a note or an email to the team that was taking over the support shift. Together, we felt that a dashboard could get the job done more efficiently.


Chris sent me the metrics and tasks his team must be aware of when support shifts change, and we created the Support Shift Handoff dashboard. 


Support Shift Handoff dashboard - view here

Support Shift Handoff dashboard in BrightGauge

Chris's crucial metrics include:

  • Number of currently open incidents
  • Requests and changes 
  • Stale and escalated ticket details
  • Daily average response time
  • Kill rate to understand if the backlog increased or decreased during the day 
  • Ticket distribution by client 


The Support Shift Handoff dashboard keeps his team informed on where their focus should be, while monitoring alerts give them a heads up on anything that requires immediate attention. As a manager, this dashboard helps Chris relay any important messages to his team and keep track of where everything stands. 


If you want to recreate and customize this dashboard for your own service team, check out the links below:

Support Shift Handoff dashboard (public view link)

Support Shift Handoff Buildout Key


We'd love to see how you are using this dashboard with your own teams. Please feel free to reach out to with any questions you have!

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