As a true Power User of the BrightGauge platform, Shann Bosnell has joined us on multiple occasions to share some of the tools and best practices that helped TUC Managed IT Solutions (now CareWorx) grow exponentially over the last 10 years. This time we take a closer look specifically at the benefits of data-driven sales and service, results using client dashboards, the decision to operate in a vertical instead of a horizontal, and more.

The Results of Utilizing Client Dashboards, and Data Driven Sales & Service: Episode Highlights

  • Shann’s intro and a closer look at the evolution of TUC Managed IT Solutions (0:54)
    • The business benefits of operating in a vertical instead of a horizontal (9:03)
  • Advice on mergers and acquisitions: things to consider about your team in the due diligence phase (12:02)
  • Roles and responsibilities as VP of Technology (15:35)
  • Shann’s insights on where the industry is going & what service providers will be facing soon (19:52)
    • Seeing huge growth by focusing on the right customers & MRR (23:32)
  • Where did TUC’s data driven focus come from?... Project Tangible” (24:10)
  • Getting buy-in from the team on being data driven (27:47)
  • How Shann uses his 3 key dashboards for customers, service, and sales {see them in the BrightGauge webinar on Customer Best Practices} (29:18)
    • How to decide which customers get a dashboard (35:22)
  • Using BrightGauge to uncover sales opportunities (38:39)
  • Wrap up questions: best source of business knowledge, parting advice, how to reach Shann (40:31)


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