Everyone realizes the correlation between dashboards and data management, but how do dashboards help with team management? We recently invited Nick Olerud, Director of Technology at Netrix IT, to join us for a conversation about the results his team has seen since implementing dashboards.

With dashboards come a huge amount of transparency… and as a result, MSPs gain a crystal clear view of which processes and procedures are working well and which ones need to be improved. Nick talks to us about how Netrix leveraged dashboards and the resulting transparency to increase SLA compliance, help hold each teammate accountable, and manage their Sales funnel. Then Nick’s discussion with BrightGauge co-Founder, Eric Dosal, works its way into all the details of positioning and balancing co-managed IT deals, plus an inside look at the Traction EOS system for operating a small business.

Driving Better Team Behavior with Dashboards: Episode Highlights

  • Nick’s Introduction (0:59)
  • Comparing the amount of time spent on the team vs. time spent with clients (4:56)
  • Turning away customers that don’t fit: how Netrix got to this point and the red flags they look for (6:07)
    • Why Netrix charges for an assessment with no contingency to sign up (8:13)
  • Driving better team behavior and increasing SLA compliance with dashboards (11:32)
    • How the Netrix team adopted dashboards and transparency (14:48)
    • Using dashboards in the Sales Process (16:16)
  • Dashboards vs. Reports: handling client communication (17:41)
  • Positioning Co-Managed IT deals: how to structure them and what type of clients to go after (19:07)
    • Finding the right balance with a co-managed IT team (21:24)
    • Why an assessment is necessary before a co-managed agreement is made (23:37)
    • Pricing: full-managed vs. co-managed (26:00)
  • All about Traction EOS: What is it? How is Netrix using it? What success has the team seen? (28:54)
    • Getting started with traction EOS: where to begin and how to implement (36:32)
  • Parting advice and how to get in touch with Nick (39:26)



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