It’s hard to master many things well. Focus on one area, and you’re bound to get it right. This rings especially true for the software you use to help run your business. 
Like many, you probably often find yourself thinking, “I want one piece of software to master all of my business needs: a PSA, RMM, CSAT, finance, security, and project management tool with the power of business intelligence and reporting to boost.” It’s near impossible to get all of this right in one platform though. 
Luckily, we’re all getting better at talking to each other, focusing on integrations and overlapping more seamlessly.
Announcing BrightGauge public gauges!
With public gauges you can take your KPIs on the road, placing them on your website, support desk, in your client portals; anywhere and everywhere. 

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How it works

Through unlimited viewer licenses, you already can share reports, dashboards, and goal lists with team members and customers. Now, use public gauges to put your target or great work front and center for your clients and potential partners.
Available to all BrightGauge Enterprise level accounts, public gauges allow you to take any gauge, mark it as publicly viewable, and insert it on a webpage with a short snippet of code. 

There are only a couple of differences between the public version and the gauge that lives in your BrightGauge account: you’re not able to access filters and the drilldown. If you’d like to share more granular level information, consider sending a report or sharing a dashboard.
A big benefit to public gauges too: no more auto-logout issues! This is key for those who use admin or viewer accounts to share tv displayed dashboards. 
Important things to note when setting up your public gauge

Sync times. Public gauge dataset syncing works akin to gauges on a dashboard. If the gauge is not used anywhere (ie, not on active dashboard or scheduled report) then the datasets will not sync. Public Gauges will fetch for newly available/updated data every minute. As soon as new data is available, it will be fetched at the next minute interval.
Sizing constraints. The height and width of the public gauges are automatically set to 300px by 400px. Keep this ratio in mind when attempting to size up or down. 
Disabled public gauges. If you disable an embedded gauge it'll show an error where it's embedded.
Ways to set up your public gauge
There are many ways to display your embeddable gauge. Here are a few we’ve heard about from customers: 
Share your stellar response times and CSAT score on your support page or website.
Add your top client gauges into their client portal.
Put your main KPI front and center on your ConnectWise, IT Glue, and other datasource portals. 
If you’re already receiving great client feedback, share it on your testimonials page.
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Are you interested in getting set up with public gauges? Reach out to for help.

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