At the 10-year mark in his MSP business, Ryan Giles knew that he hadn’t achieved even half of what he had in mind for the time frame. “I knew the right information… there wasn’t any inherent skill gap or things I didn’t know... but it was really a matter of executing”, he explains.

When Ryan discovered and implemented the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) at his MSP, the move yielded immediate results - 30% year-over-year growth, an additional 14 points to the bottom line, and triple the valuation. Seeing first-hand what can be accomplished with the system led Ryan to launch a new chapter in his professional journey, this time as Professional EOS Implementer at Giles LLC. Hear what Ryan had to say about the growth impact of EOS, as well as some of his best advice on KPIs for MSPs, on The BrightGauge Podcast.

Making the Move from MSP to Professional EOS Implementer: Episode Highlights

  • Ryan’s intro and background (0:47)
    • The specs on Ryan’s previous MSP (5:51)
  • Making a connection with the Entrepreneurial Operating System (10:58)
    • Making the jump from MSP to EOS Implementer (15:26)
    • What kind of customers are you working with? What typical challenges do you see? (16:44)
    • It’s important to know your numbers, but you also have to track data trends (21:23)
    • Getting team buy in on the EOS system (25:07)
  • KPIs for MSPs: how do you help people understand what they should be looking at? (28:30)
  • Q&A: Best business book, favorite resource for personal development, parting advice, how to reach Ryan (35:43)


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