We've been working hard behind the scenes to improve upon some of our features.


Just released: an update to our Client Mappings process.


If you're new to BrightGauge, the Client Mappings process is really simple and makes it a whole lot easier to use BrightGauge properly. Specifically when it comes to sending client reports, having gone through Client Mappings means you'll be able to create and send reports to the clients and recipients you want in just a few clicks. 


For current users, you'll appreciate that clients are better organized per datasource, that you'll be able to filter searches within datasource buckets, and that you'll be able to easily add client names when needed. 


This tutorial video takes you through the process of setting up your Client Mappings. It takes just a few minutes but saves you a whole lot of time down the road.





Read more about Client Mappings or reach out to our support team if you've got any questions!

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