Finding and retaining the best candidates is a common challenge for any business, and it also happens to be the topic that our customers bring up most often in their conversations with us. There are a ton of resources available on general best practices for hiring and keeping a team engaged, but we wanted to take a closer look at the specifics of the MSP industry.

Our conversation with John Davenjay, CEO of the IT Services staffing firm Bowman Williams, highlighted the industry’s current trends and insights as seen from both an employer’s and employee’s perspective.

Finding and Keeping the Right Employees in an MSP: Episode Highlights

  • An introduction to John and Bowman Williams (0:50)
    • A closer look at how John helps MSPs plan their hiring pipeline and scale their business (2:49)
  • Hiring trends in the IT Services market: salaries, skillsets, tenure, and more (3:44)
    • The main reason why candidates look to leave an MSP (8:17)
  • How MSPs can help retain their talent: details on culture and avoiding flight risks (11:22)
  • How business owners can start building career tracks to help retain talent (16:04)
    • The need to be nimble in small companies with limited advancement opportunity (18:02)
  • Combating the fear of recruiter cost vs. companies who spend tons of time searching for a candidate alone (19:30)
  • The ideal customer for Bowman Williams in the MSP recruiting space (22:47)
  • Q&A: Favorite business book, best personal improvement resource, parting advice about recruiting, how to reach John (25:29

Book mentioned in the episode:
Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap… And Others Don’t, by Jim Collins


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