Imagine that you just bought a movie, but were charged for each person who watched the movie with you.


why should you have to pay for viewers?


That’s similar to what many BI tools do when they charge businesses to add user accounts.


We believe that you shouldn’t have to pay to let your team or clients view your data, which is why BrightGauge gives viewer licenses to all customers for free.


The Benefits of Free Viewing Accounts

Free viewing accounts have three primary benefits:

  1. They allow all of your clients to access relevant data which builds trust, increases client happiness, and lowers your churn rate.
  2. They allow all members of your team to consume the data contained on your dashboards increasing team performance, efficiency and, ultimately, your bottom line.
  3. They allow businesses that value transparency to share their performance numbers, showing clients that they are in fact meeting their SLA and promoting an honest work environment for your team.


Viewers, Admins and Analysts

Let’s take a look at the differences between BrightGauge’s user types:


Comparison of Viewer, Analyst and Admin Accounts



We designed viewer accounts to be used for team members that don’t need access to the gauge builder, or for your clients. A Viewer is a user who has read-only access to the dashboards that are shared with them. Viewers can be added for free to any BrightGauge subscription.



An admin has full access to the BrightGauge platform, giving them the ability to create datasets, gauges, dashboards and reports. The number of Admin users available is based on your plan with additional users only $25.



An analyst account is similar to an admin in that it has the ability to build gauges and reports, but they differ in that they cannot import their own data sources or create their own datasets. Analyst accounts are only available with the Advanced plan.


To learn more about the different plans and adding admin or analyst users to your account, check out our pricing page.


What Other BI Tools Charge:

While other BI tools charge as much as $125.00 to add more viewers, BrightGauge allows you to create them for free. Viewers can receive reports and log into dashboards so they can consume all the data.


Learn more about how to add and manage/delete viewer accounts.

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