When it comes to client reports, you understand that a little transparency goes a long way. Showing your clients the work you’re doing - both the good and the bad - is a powerful way to build trust, and trust lays the foundation for long-term relationships, which is great for your business.


But you may not always know exactly what to include in your client reports. This is where it helps to hear from some friends in the industry.


In our upcoming customer showcase webinar, BrightGauge user Brett Baz, Operations Manager for C3Group, will give a glimpse into how he and his team are using BrightGauge reports to cover all aspects of the customer lifecycle.


He’ll share the report templates he’s using, how he chooses the right metrics to share, and how this impacts the team at C3Group.


Plus, we’ll let you in on what’s new within BrightGauge.


Sometimes, seeing how your peers are using different BrightGauge features can spark some inspiration and show you new ways to get set up for success, so it’s worth joining the webinar and seeing what you can learn!


‘Covering Customer Touchpoints with Reports’ featuring Brett Baz will take place on Wednesday, June 19th at 7:30pm EST/Thursday, June 20th at 9:30am AEST. RSVP now:

RSVP for our upcoming customer showcase webinar, all about BrightGauge reports

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