On February 1, 2020, Autotask v1 is officially going into retirement. But don't worry! You will have access to our latest version. For that to happen, we need you to please take action before this datasource is gone.


Again, on February 1, all Autotask partners will be required to use the latest version of our Autotask datasource, meaning that Autotask v1 will be deleted. We don't want any disruptions in your service to occur, so we'd like to help you move everything over ASAP. 


So, why are we doing this?


Basically, the older version is being deprecated and we will no longer be supporting it. The newer version has been available since August 2018 and has many more features that we are sure you are going to love, including the availability of user defined fields (sweet!). Learn more here


Before February 1st, we need you to authenticate your connection in order to gain access to Autotask v2. 


You'll need to take a moment to ensure the following requirements are met:


  1. The Autotask user has an API User (API-Only) security level.

    This security level provides full system administration access to PSA modules, features and the data available via Autotask's Web Services API.  It does all of this while limiting access to the Autotask UI itself.

  2. The Autotask user is assigned an API Tracking Identifier set to "BrightGauge Software - BrightGauge".

    Tracking identifiers are assigned on the Security tab of the API-only user's Resource Management page when adding a new API-only user, or editing an API-only user that does not yet have an identifier assigned. Select the "BrightGauge Software - BrightGauge" under the Integration Vendor menu.


Confused? Please find detailed migration instructions here


Still confused? Submit a support ticket. We're always happy to help! 

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