IT Security in today’s world is no longer a basic blocking and tackling approach mixed in with a bit of antivirus protection. And as the state of security continues to evolve rapidly, it’s hard to keep up with all of the threats that businesses face.

We recently sat down with Javier Sola, Cyber Security Director at Compuquip, and asked him to share some insights on how you should be thinking about security, how to educate your customers on security, and updates on some of the recent topics associated with security threats.

The State of Today's IT Security: Episode Highlights

  • Javier’s intro and background (0:49)
  • How to approach helping a new customer with their network (4:20)
    • How should SMBs be looking at their security? (6:43)
    • Where to start with security for companies with a limited budget (8:58)
  • Hot topics right now in security: next generation firewalls, zero day threats, sandboxing, network access control and data loss prevention (10:11)
  • How would you start to educate a new customer on IT security if they’ve never thought about this topic before? (15:58)
  • Why you should have an expert partner to rely on for different security domains (19:15)
  • Advice to engineers on assessing perimeter database applications (20:54)
  • Is it more or less difficult to secure cloud applications as compared to an on-premise infrastructure? (23:23)
  • Resources for learning more about security (24:57)
  • Parting advice for companies getting started with security, and how to reach Javier (28:56)


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