Did you catch our recent webinar with Ian Richardson of Doberman Technologies where he discusses how he uses BrightGauge to set his MSP up for success? 


During the chat, Ian shared that one of his go-to dashboards is one that tracks his team’s capacity for new projects. 


The dashboard shows the capacity each tech has in his or her schedule to take on projects, based on hours that have been scheduled for the current month and the next 3 months. Each tech has a predetermined max capacity, which is based on work roles. 


Sample Professional Services dashboard in BrightGaugeView this dashboard here.


This critical dashboard is used for expectation management, both internally and with clients. It helps the Doberman Technologies teams make informed decisions about when projects can realistically be delivered and it helps them decide which projects to take on and when. 


Scheduling projects around known capacities also ensures that each team member has enough time for unexpected crisis items and for more long-term projects. 


For Doberman Technologies, this has been a really efficient way to grow their business and keep workload at a manageable pace and it's applicable to all teams across the board. 


Many of you showed interest in replicating this dashboard for yourselves, and we’re happy to share it with you now:


Link to Team Capacity Dashboard

Link to Dashboard Recreation Key


Please feel free to reach out to with any questions you have!

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