Today marks the official launch of BrightGauge Consulting, a new set of services we’re offering our customers to help them get the most of out of their PSA & RMM data.  Over the past few years we’ve delivered consulting services on an ad hoc basis but after talking with our key customers, it was apparent that a formal set of services was needed to help our community maximize the value of their data with BrightGauge.

What is available from our consulting team?

  • Implementation Services - If you sign up for BrightGauge and want us to lead the setup effort, we can do so at a very cost effective rate.  We’ll lead calls with your internal team, do dedicated training, and setup your first few reports & custom gauges.
  • JumpStarts - Many clients just need a quick jump start with some custom metrics built within our Gauge Builder and Reports Scheduled to their team.  We can take in your high level requirements and quickly build metrics that we know we will drive value for your business.
  • Custom Fields Delivery - Many MSPs have unique KPIs or unique User Defined Fields that are not within the standard BrightGauge datasets.  We can help you build those fields with custom SQL queries or a custom API calls from your cloud based Data Source.

Who’s doing the Consulting?

What’s really great about our experienced team is we have the MSP industry expertise to know exactly what you’re looking for in just a few short conversations.  Between myself (Brian Dosal) and my brother Eric Dosal, we can help refine your requirements and help you define the scope of work.  Next, our talented technical team has over 2 years of experience working with our current Connectwise, Kaseya, and LabTech databases as well as the AutoTask, Connectwise, and Kaseya.  This makes our consulting work efficient pack a big punch in a short period of time.

Should you need Business Process Consulting, we can introduce you to one of our consulting partners who specializes in making sure your processes and systems match up to the KPIs you require.

How to engage with BrightGauge Consulting?

First, you must be a current BrightGauge customer in order to work in a consulting engagement. Next, just send an email to support [at] brightgauge [dot] com with your interest and we will work with you to define your scope and price your engagement.


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