MSPs are known for having information floating around - on sticky notes, on spreadsheets, and in people’s heads. But at the core of it all, “almost everybody knows that they have a challenge around process and access to information”, explains IT Glue CEO, Chris Day.


In his conversation with BrightGauge Co-Founder, Eric Dosal, Chris goes on to explain how his days as founder of an MSP ultimately led to IT Glue and a documentation solution. Tune in for advice on how to be successful with documentation, common documentation mistakes made by MSPs, and even a few tips on how to get your team on board with documentation.

Solving the challenges of process & documentation for MSPs: Episode Highlights

  • Chris’ intro and background (0:47)
    • A typical day as CEO, and the parallels between software and MSP businesses (4:28)
  • A closer look at Fully Managed, the MSP precursor to IT Glue (8:57)
    • Staying strategically involved at quarterly meetings (11:38)
    • Which KPIs are most important at Fully Managed? (14:16)
    • The KPIs Eric recommends from MSP experience (17:15)
  • What kind of MSP uses IT Glue? What is their size and what are their struggles? (20:30)
    • Getting started with IT Glue and how to be successful with documentation (25:30)
    • Common mistakes MSPs make with documentation (28:00)
    • With some employees, it’s a struggle to get their time logged, so how can you get them to update documentation? (30:08)
  • Coming soon at IT Glue (31:59)
  • Q&A: Best business book recommendation, favorite resource for personal development, advice for MSPs, how to reach Chris (36:08)

Books as recommended in the episode:

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