“How often are you meeting with your team?” was the burning, top-of-the-list question during our journey to understand the best practices behind growing an MSP sales team.

We sat down with Nate Austin, VP of Business Development at Mytech Partners, to gain some first-hand knowledge on the matter. Since 2000, Mytech has grown from an idea into an MSP with 3 offices and 90 employees spread across Minnesota and Colorado, and the leadership team picked up a lot of tips along the way. As we learned from Nate, your one-on-one meetings should be weekly, but there are two different kinds of one-on-one meetings you should have: deal strategizing and coaching - which is popular among business owners - but owners often lose sight of the second one, which should focus on accountability.

Join us for a conversation all about MSP sales teams: the qualities to look for in a good salesperson, how to train them, onboarding advice, KPIs you need to know, and more!

How to Build an MSP Sales Team + the KPIs You Need to Know: Episode Highlights

  • Nate’s intro and background (0:50)
  • A typical day as VP of Business Development (4:44)
  • The demographics of the Mytech Partners team (6:56)
    • Leveraging multiple help desk teams (10:02)
  • How do you package and price your managed services offerings? (15:20)
  • The qualities of a good salesperson in the managed services business (18:15)
    • How do you train salespeople to identify a business need and match to a solution? (21:24)
    • Nate’s onboarding advice to make sure salespeople are successful (24:14)
    • A closer look at Mytech’s Sales Team meetings (27:34)
  • KPIs and tracking performance for the Mytech Sales Team (30:29)
  • High level steps in the sales process (38:45)
  • Q&A: Best business book, favorite resource for personal development, parting advice for MSPs, how to reach Nate (44:32) 

Book mentioned in the episode:
Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t, by Simon Sinek



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