Announcing the latest integration to launch at BrightGauge: OneDrive. OneDrive, a Microsoft product, is a cloud storage solution that allows you to save your files and photos and access them from anywhere that suits you. 


You may be familiar with Dropbox as an integration option with BrightGauge, but perhaps you prefer using OneDrive. No worries! You now have both options available to you. 


The basic premise of this integration is that if you have a .CSV file uploaded into OneDrive, you will be able to visualize the data on BrightGauge dashboards and reports. 


How to Connect to OneDrive


To connect to OneDrive, click on the green ‘Add a new Datasource’ button, found on your BrightGauge overview page.

adding a datasource 2-1

Find OneDrive under the ‘All’ category, click on it, and follow all the prompts. Within a few minutes, you should be good to go. 


If you need further instructions, check out our OneDrive support doc


Not yet a BrightGauge customer? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to schedule a live one-on-one demo. 


What do I get out of the box?


If you’re a BrightGauge partner, you know that when you connect to our datasources, your account will be pre-loaded with KPIs and dashboard and report templates, so you can get right to your data. 


OneDrive (and Dropbox) are unique integrations in this respect. Since this integration relies on custom data, there aren’t any pre-built dashboards, gauges, or reports included.


Basically, as long as you’ve got a .CSV file with data, you can display it within BrightGauge, so your possibilities here are plentiful. 


For more details on how to create a dataset from a CSV, including some CSV requirements, read this.


We love hearing from you, so let us know how you’re using OneDrive + BrightGauge to view your data!


Anytime you’ve got a question about OneDrive + BrightGauge, please submit a support request or contact us and we’ll be ready to help. 


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