We recently had the opportunity to host Gary Pica on The BrightGauge Podcast (on iTunes and SoundCloud), and we’re so excited to share his tips and advice with our community! Gary is well-known for being founder of the TruMethods peer group, but prior to that Gary owned one of the fastest-growing MSPs in the States with over 7,000 endpoints under management in a multimillion-dollar practice. As the head of TruMethods, Gary has coached more than 1,500 MSPs over the course of the last 5 years - and we were thrilled that he shared some great industry insights with us.


Gary covered a lot of topics during his time with us, discussing everything from major trends in the industry, adding recurring revenue at the right price, the right type of customer to add to your bottom line, learning how to “move up the stack”, leveraging centers of influence to grow your business, and so much more:

Episode Highlights:

  • Gary’s intro and background (1:19)
  • View of the overall MSP industry & major trends (3:26)
  • How and Why top providers are different and growing so fast (5:55)
  • Learning to “move up the stack” as a technical person faced with business meetings (10:00)
  • Sales vs. Service: which area do folks struggle with the most? (13:07)
  • Things to do that will make an immediate impact on sales (14:27)
    • More Leads: Developing Centers of Influence and an Inside Sales Process (16:45)
    • Developing a “super power” to set you apart from other vendors (19:03)
  • Which focal point should MSPs start with for growth? (20:32)
  • Should MSPs focus on Owner-led sales or establish a team? (23:19)
  • Gary’s current focus with TruMethods coaching (26:46)
  • How accountability plays a part in successful MSPs (29:43)
  • Pet peeves: what bothers Gary about the industry (32:02)
    • Ideal bottom-line target / realistic goals as a Service Provider (33:40)
  • Q&A: best business book, resources for MSPs, top professional goals, parting advice (37:02)

Book mentioned in the episode:
Mastering the Rockefeller Habits, by Verne Harnish

To get in touch with Gary:
info [at] trumethods [dot] com



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