This month, we're stepping away from our regular dashboard of the month to share this awesome Engineer Audit Monthly Report. Luckily, your BrightGauge is flexible in that any of the gauges you see here can also be added to a dashboard, or converted to a number gauge and used to track your goals. 


Image 2020-07-28 at 16.14.13

All KPIs displayed:

  • Hours Billable vs Total
  • Member Scorecard - Last 6 Months
  • Hours by Work Type
  • Time Rounding
  • CSAT 6 Months


What is in the report

On a recent account review call with our partners Cygnus Systems, I was amazed by some of the time tracking gauges their CEO Craig Isaacs shared. 


For this monthly report, we're given a summary of the team's performance over the last 6 months, and whether each metric is trending upwards or downwards.


We especially love this Time Rounding gauge that highlights when team members might be over- or under-rounding for their timesheets, a common hallmark of those who don't enter their hours in a timely manner. This translates to keeping an eye on upping your Billable % for each team member. 


Image 2020-07-28 at 16.08.02

While it's a simple amount of gauges, this report gets the job done. When it comes to putting the numbers in front of your team, less (and what's actionable), is always more!


How to recreate in your BrightGauge

First, view the report here. Follow these modules here to recreate this report, or build any of the gauges found here, back in your BrightGauge account: Report Buildout Key




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