This report was created based on the Client Heartbeat Report and other KPIs shared by James Oberhaus of
CPI Solutions in our May 2021 User Showcase Webinar: Tracking Key Activities + Custom Dropbox Data.

What it shows

A review of team performance and client feedback. The top portion of the report is meant to drive discussion based on survey responses and a review of the three questions asked of their customers each month (or at your own cadence):
  • Response - How satisfied are you with the speed & efficiency at which we are able to respond to your requests?
  • Communication - How satisfied are you with the level of communication during the support process?
  • Detail - How satisfied are you with our attention to detail?

Other KPIs of note:
  • One Touch Resolution %
  • High Priority Ticket Count
  • Average Time to Resolution
  • Stale Ticket Count
  • Breached Open Tickets
  • and more ticket trends to track long tail changes
Client Heartbeat Report - view here
Client Heartbeat Report in BrightGauge

When is it useful
The CPI Solutions team chooses to review this around the 15th of every month. A regular cadence is great for keeping on top of any changes in service and sentiment. 

Check out the full webinar, Tracking Key Activities + Custom Dropbox Data, for some additional great tips on how to customize some of the data you work with to see more granular details.
If you want to recreate and customize this report for yourself, check out the links below:
Make sure to visit our library of more report and dashboard templates and please feel free to reach out to with any questions!

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