Many managed service provider (MSP) owners often ask themselves one pressing question: How profitable is my business? 


Tracking profitability is generally a good way to understand how well a company is doing. If you have a consistent profitability ratio, it likely means you're a resilient business, you're doing a good job of balancing your costs, and you're succeeding in generating meaningful revenue. 


This month, we're looking at a Profitability Analysis report, which helps MSPs understand where they are by looking at important metrics such as:

  • Hours spent on user tickets
  • Agreement Health
  • Effective Hourly Rate on Agreements
  • Margin Percentages
  • Other tickets details 


Profitability Analysis Report - view here


Profitability Analysis Report in BrightGauge


Viewing an updated Profitability report on a consistent basis can help MSP owners and managers identify trends, course correct where needed, and implement new strategies to optimize the way business is done. 


To recreate this report for your own team, check out the links below:

Profitability Analysis Report (Public view link)

Profitability Analysis Report Buildout Key 


Please feel free to reach out to with any questions you have!

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