If you read the title of our latest episode, you may be wondering why a software company would be asking for advice from a real estate company, but the answer is simple. At BrightGauge, we often hear questions from our community asking for advice on building, managing, and growing sales teams… and almost everyone faces the same challenges no matter what line of business they’re in.

We asked Gabe Martin to join us for a conversation based on his experience as Sales Manager for one of the highest-ranking residential real estate sales teams in the United States. Gabe has the answers to all the questions we hear so often: from recruiting based on personality types, to managing the day to day and weekly responsibilities, focusing the team’s efforts and much more. So whether you’re running a MSP or any other business, you’ll be able to gain some new insights and ideas about your own sales team.


How to Find, Manage & Monitor a Sales Dream Team: Episode Highlights

  • Gabe’s introduction and background (1:08)
  • Why we invited a real-estate person to join our podcast (3:46)
    • Gabe’s approach to the hiring process for sales people (4:33)
    • The DISC personality profile (5:52)
  • Next steps for personality matches (9:04)
  • The best way to get a feel for who an interviewee really is (11:42)
  • The numbers behind interviewing and hiring sales people (12:49)
  • Managing the team day-to-day (13:47)
    • The number of dials and contact rate in a 3-hour period (16:12)
    • One-on-one meeting agenda (17:30)
    • Remediation for team members who fall off track (23:47)
    • Metrics Gabe tracks (24:51)
  • Driving team competition (26:52)
  • How to promote team bonding and camaraderie (29:27)
  • The best business book and podcasts Gabe recommends (31:20)
  • Resources that Gabe uses to get better every day (34:50)
  • Parting advice for SMBs (36:20)

As referenced in the episode:
The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life by Hal Elrod


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