Recently we’ve talked a lot about Customer Success (check out our webinar on the topic here) and how our partners can benefit from implementing their own program. The topic has been very popular with our community, so we decided to bring in a local expert with years of experience in building, launching and maintaining a Customer Success program. Jorge Azcuy, Managing Director of All Covered in Miami joined our co-Founder and CEO, Eric Dosal to discuss how and why Technical Account Managers (TAMs) were used as the foundation for the Customer Success program he managed at Compuquip.

BrightGauge podcast 4_feat. Jorge Azcuy

Kicking off Episode 4 of The BrightGauge Podcast


Whether you know them as Project Managers, Client Advocates, Client Experience Reps or by any other name - TAMs have proven to be an integral part of ensuring happy customers in the world of Managed Services. During this episode, Jorge and Eric chat about everything related to launching their Customer Success Program with TAMs and how to integrate them within your service team. From initial onboarding, to developing and utilizing Semi-Annual Business Reviews to project management advice, compensation and incentives for TAMs and even how to handle tension between TAMs and the service delivery team, Jorge and Eric cover everything you need to know.


Leveraging Technical Account Managers to Ensure Customer Success: Episode Highlights

  • How All Covered structures territories and responsibilities (1:40)
  • A day in the life of a nation-wide service provider (3:26)
  • Management tools & processes (4:57)
  • Customer Survey process (5:51)
  • The role of Technical Account Manager (TAM) at Compuquip (6:29)
  • The benefits of implementing an onboarding process (8:34)
  • Managing tension between the service delivery team and TAMs (10:35)
  • A closer look at TAMs (11:45)
    • The purpose of a Semi-Annual Business Reviews (SABR) (14:44)
    • Project Management (16:54)
    • Compensation and Incentives (18:04)
  • Staying connected to the growing team as CEO  (19:40)
  • Q&A: favorite books, professional goals, biggest victory, self-improvement and more (22:22)


Episode 4 Resources:

As mentioned in the episode, Jorge can be reached at jazcuy [at] allcovered [dot] com.


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