As the President/CEO of Tigerpaw Software, James Foxall keeps his sights set on industry trends, leading a growing team, and continually pushing to evolve the PSA platform. From the helm of the well-known brand, James has a unique view of ‘the biz’, so to speak, and we were excited to host him for a conversation about how he sees the industry now and where it’s going soon.

From convergence strategies to recent PSA changes and consolidations, a closer look at what the Tigerpaw One platform offers for MSPs, and more, James shared an insider’s look into the world of technology solution providers.

Trends in the MSP Industry: Episode Highlights

  • An intro to James and Tigerpaw Software (0:58)
    • The niche market that Tigerpaw focuses on (2:52)
    • Why MSPs need to focus on a convergence strategy (4:15)
  • A typical day as head of a software company (6:11)
  • What is the Tigerpaw One platform and what does it offer to MSPs? (7:47)
    • Getting the entire Tigerpaw team on board with a new platform (13:20)
  • The biggest trend in the MSP industry (14:14)
  • Typical Tigerpaw customers: employees, revenue, priorities, etc. (15:11)
    • Tigerpaw One features & functionality that every customer should be using (18:07)
  • James’ perspective on the recent PSA changes and consolidations (24:43)
  • What happens at the annual Tigerpaw Conference (29:37)
  • Rapid-fire Q&A: best business book, finding work/life balance, advice to other leaders, how to reach James or the Tigerpaw team (31:08)


As mentioned in the episode:
The Breakthrough Company by Keith R. McFarland

             Lure the Tiger Out of the Mountains by Yuan Gao



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