Brian and I have been on this kick of meeting with customers and learning more about why they use BrightGauge and what areas we can improve on. As we started with our larger partners that had been with us for a while, we noticed a trend. All of them were using our Client Reporting and we wanted to understand why.

So we asked them for some insight and here’s what they said as to why they send reports to clients on a monthly basis. Turns out there are 4 recurring reasons or themes we have heard in our conversations:

1) Staying Top of Mind With My Clients

This was by far the most popular response in that sending your client a report on a regular basis, with meaningful information, they are able to stay top of mind. This is a low impact way to make sure your clients know all the wonderful things you’re doing for them and also that you are regularly keeping an eye on their technology.

2) Showing the Value You Provide

This is a big shift in the way traditional MSPs think because many of them are just focused on the speeds and feeds of what they do... not on all the value they bring to their clients. During the conversations we had, it was clear that these partners understand the importance of showing value and more importantly to convey this value in a non-intrusive way. Most of them found that sending a regularly scheduled report with everything accomplished is a huge help in articulating their value.

3) Providing an “Itemized Receipt” for Everything You’ve Done

This was a unique one for me, but it made total sense after they explained it. We all have eaten out at a restaurant and at the end of a meal you always get an itemized list of everything you consumed during your meal. The receipt serves as documentation for everything that was provided to you and explains why your bill is the price it is. Same goes for your clients, sending them a report shows all the things they have consumed (or you have done) and reminds them why they have to pay the bill.

4) Historical Records and Documentation

Monthly Executive Summary Reports are a great way to document everything happening or what has happened over a given time period. The beauty of reports is they are from a specific point in time which serves as a great source of documentation. Saving this historical information comes in handy to reference in the future and especially in the event of an audit where you need to provide the information upon request.

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