In the last few years cloud popularity has been on the rise, but we find that plenty of people in the MSP industry still have questions have the trend. So we asked Jonathan Lieberman, co-Founder & CEO of Itopia cloud workspace to join us for a conversation about what’s really going on in the world of cloud software. How far into the cloud trend are we now? What are the common cloud security concerns? What signs should MSPs look for to confirm that it’s time to transition to the cloud? Join us for all the cloud insights you need to know.


Trends in the Cloud: Episode Highlights

  • Jonathan’s introduction and background (0:46)
  • What are the contributing factors to rapid growth? Why are cloud solutions so popular now? (3:00)
    • A typical day: where Jonathan spends his time as an Executive of a business growing at 140% (4:37)
  • Current high level trends in the cloud (6:10)
  • People seem to be very comfortable with moving email to the cloud, but overall, how far along in the cloud movement are most businesses? (8:07)
    • Signals an MSP should look for when it comes to introducing the cloud (10:05)
  • How Itopia addresses concerns about security in the cloud (11:46)
  • The benefits of cloud for MSPs (13:06)
  • A closer look at the types of MSPs doing business with Itopia (16:09)
    • The onboarding and certification process with Itopia (19:40)
  • Making the decision to focus on the software side of business (21:20)
  • Advice for MSPs thinking about the cloud (22:35)
  • Q&A: best business book recommendation, favorite personal improvement resource, how to reach Jonathan (24:54)


Best business book as referenced in the episode: 
Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike, by Phil Knight



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