We’re excited to welcome Tyler Lozano to the team as an Integration Developer! Join us in learning more about the newest member of our growing BrightGauge family…

In the beginning

Tyler grew up in the Cutler Bay area of Miami and always felt a passion for the process of creation and Artificial Intelligence. When it came time to go to college, Tyler opted to attend FIU to study Applied Mathematics. In his words, “Mathematics is a beautiful language of truth that serves as a window into how our world actually works.”

After graduating, Tyler worked as an FIU Research Assistant and tutor. His responsibilities included writing up research dossiers on professors in order to find good fits for the new Vertically Integrated Projects program at FIU.

Along the way, Tyler never stopped thinking about the future of technology. Whether through music or programming, he’s always enjoyed the process of creation and has been specifically fascinated by algorithms that behave intelligently and how they transform our world.

Tyler says, “I see machine learning as the future and hope to take part in that global effort towards a general artificial intelligence. It’s a way to apply my mathematics background towards a focused goal and to give back to the world.” Python programming - which Tyler took upon himself to learn - is a natural fit for these goals and is hugely popular in data science and machine learning.

We had to know Tyler’s favorite recent use of AI and according to him, Google has got it right.

“The use of neural networks for object recognition and complex decision making is so interesting to me. Google created one called AlphaGo that beat the reigning world champion in Go - a problem that experts thought would take more than a decade to topple.”

We can’t predict the future, but we totally see Tyler’s name being included in future breakthrough AI news.

Joining BrightGauge

Tyler’s love of coding and programming has landed him a position at BrightGauge as an Integrations Developer.

He’s been continually impressed by our company culture and the emphasis that is placed on quality of life within the work environment. But beyond that, he has a vision for the future of BrightGauge and has set 3 goals for himself:

“I hope to help BrightGauge grow by streamlining the integration process and continuing to improve features through the input of our customer base. I’d also love to develop a better understanding of our customer relationship and how they use BrightGauge, so we can continue to be ahead of the game in servicing their needs. Lastly, I’d love to push the limits on how we use BrightGauge internally, so we can keep pushing the value added by our product without sacrificing its simplicity. ”

It goes without saying (but we’ll say it anyway) that we’re pumped to have Tyler join our team and can’t wait to see how he’s going to help improve outcomes across the company as a whole.

Out of office

Tyler’s a man who likes to keep busy! When he’s not coding and experimenting with Google’s Tensorflow, he’s dabbling in one of many hobbies.


Maybe he’s learning how to play “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd on guitar (and singing along, but only when nobody’s looking).

Or he might be rocking a mean reverse-grip playstyle in a ping-pong game.

Perhaps he’s neck deep in a Texas Hold’em game.

Most likely, he’s indulging in his love of food. If you see him at 100 Montaditos, watch out. He’s been known to order literally half of the menu.

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