As you may know, we recently launched the ability to embed your gauges on public sites. This is an awesome way to show off your KPIs and let prospects and customers alike know a bit about what they can expect from you as a trusted partner. 


For example, embedding your Average Response Time or your CSAT scores on your marketing site can reveal to viewers that you're committed to providing excellent service. 


That being said, there's no need to limit yourself to external sites. We've been talking to BrightGauge users and have found that embeddable gauges are also a powerful way to boost visibility and transparency amongst your internal teams.


In a recent webinar, we spoke to customer Justin Bryant, the Director of Quality Assurance for C Spire, to learn how he's using embeddable gauges to build an internal service library using the ITIL framework. 


The shared library allows team members from every department to see how the company as a whole is tracking against certain KPIs, which works to motivate and align everyone in the organization.


Additionally, the webinar covers operational maturity, how to create the public gauges within BrightGauge, how to set up a KPI library, and how to share those KPIs. 


Watch now as Justin takes us through his service library and see how embeddable gauges can help make you more productive and focused. 


Webinar: Starting a Service Library With Public Gauges 


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