When you've got a dashboard you want to share, it's easy to do so without worrying that your data might get manipulated. With BrightGauge's unlimited, free viewer licenses, you can share read-only dashboards with as many people as you'd like. 


You may want to share data dashboards with your clients to keep them in-the-loop on important metrics they care about. Or, perhaps you want each individual tech on your team to see their performance metrics - like Kill Rate % and CSAT scores - in real-time. 


The tutorial videos below show you how to share dashboards with your clients and team members in just a few steps. Your recipient will be notified by email when you assign them a dashboard.


Sharing dashboards with clients:





Sharing dashboards with team members: 





Read more about tech dashboards and client dashboards or reach out to our support team with any questions!

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