Within your organization, are there multiple departments, each housing multiple teams? How are you organizing your BrightGauge dashboards, reports, and gauges so that team members can easily find their respective data? 


Even with smaller organizations, implementing a proper naming convention to be used throughout BrightGauge can lead to quicker access and easier navigation of your data (think cluttered vs. uncluttered workspaces). 


In this edition of our user showcase webinars, Daniel Pop, Application Support Manager at Milner, Inc., shares his approach to a cohesive naming system within BrightGauge and talks about how staying organized feeds into managing teams, providing feedback, and monitoring who is under- or over-achieving.


This clever, yet simple way to organize data has proven effective for Daniel and teams and has allowed them to seamlessly use every aspect of BrightGauge in their day-to-day.


Click below to watch the webinar and if you've got questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!  


Showcase 7 - milner-1



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