A common challenge that MSPs face is how to run an efficient and productive service desk, as there's so much activity coming in and out of that department. 


From tickets that need to be serviced to long-term projects that have been agreed upon, there are plenty of moving parts (and technicians) to keep track of. 


What's your approach when it comes to staying on top of what your team members are working on? 


In the latest edition of our user showcase webinars, Mark Kjaer and Mark Beitel of WBM Technologies, Inc. share how they are using BrightGauge dashboards and reports to track each of their technician's performance and to stay on top of open projects and devices. 


Having real-time visibility into their machine stats, project status, and tech data has proven to be an effective way to align everyone on tasks that need to get done. Plus, the ability to create comprehensive reports within BrightGauge has allowed the WBM team to keep clients and team members alike informed on a monthly basis. 


Click below to watch the webinar and please contact us if you've got any questions! 

BrightGauge Customer Showcase Webinar WBM


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